NOHA Consulting has a national and international portfolio of contacts with many talented people who can be deployed for the total Project Management package.
We bring these experts in their field into daily contact with companies with a direct need for knowledge and technical added value.

NOHA Consulting's Project Management is active in the following sectors:

  • Industrial sector
  • Nutrition
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Sector
  • Automation

Integrated project management, quality, cost and staff management are just some of the core tasks of our Project Management.
Good transparent communication is of course the basis for the success of any short or long-term project.

Outsourcing is the option for companies with a direct need for specific profiles that can be deployed as quickly as possible.
In addition to large companies, more SMEs also need our services.

A national and international portfolio ready to complete and / or expand your Project Management.

Let's build your team of experts!