Are you in need of technical and industrial experts in project management, technical support, supervision or automation? Fast growing companies suffer from the competitive search for expert staff. When you are looking for industrial experts, NOHA Consulting is your partner!

Industrial expert staffing

When you are looking for engineers or other qualified technical staff in the field of Industry, Nutrition, Oil & Gas, Chemical Sector or Automation, count on the experience of NOHA Consulting for industrial outsourcing. We offer staffing services for experts, outsourcing highly qualified staff for short or longer term to your company.

Thanks to our outsourcing services companies profit from immediate support by the most needed profiles. Today the search for qualified engineers is challenging. Thanks to our broad network of highly educated engineers we can provide you the labour force you need for your project on a very short term.

NOHA Consulting is also helping you out with IT professionals, programmers and other technical staff that is flexible and customer oriented. They support you, whether you are an SME or a large company with the automation of processes in a wide range of sectors. You can count on their up-to-date knowledge, eagerness to learn and fast adaptation process.

Looking for engineers?

Companies that are in need of engineers or IT staff have already been confronted with the challenging situation on the labour market. Technical profiles are hard to find. For fast growing start-up businesses, the lack of staff might even be a bottleneck, keeping them from growing any further.

NOHA Consulting supports companies in need of technical staff. As we can outsource our technical and industrial experts to your dedicated project, you can save time and money on the complex search and recruitment process for the talent you are looking for.

Our outsourcing solution provides you the workforce and the expertise fast and flexible. You focus on your growth, we take care of the talent you need to reach those goals. When you are looking for engineers, looking for IT professionals or looking for technical staff, pleasecontact us for a tailor made solution. We would be happy to help you grow!  

Let's build your team of experts!